Zipline in Montenegro


Zip-lining is another type of extreme activity in Montenegro that will diversify your holiday in this beautiful country with enchanting natural views.

This is the descent by zip line over the abyss. This is a kind of advanced bungee where you are held securely by special harnesses and your hands are free - you can even take a selfie during the flight if you wish. This is a unique opportunity to cheer yourself up and look at nature in an unusual way.

Zipline over the Tara Valley

Looking at the huge, 365-meter-long Dzhurdzhevicha arch bridge that connects the two banks of the Tara River, it is clear that this place is both magnificent and beautiful. In total, there are three ropeways of different difficulty levels in the valley, and beginners should start with the shortest route of 350 meters. The gradual descent of the cable car from a height of 170 meters ensures an optimal descent speed - in about 45 seconds you have time to admire the beauties of the largest canyon in Europe.

The construction of the cable car comes from Australia and is absolutely safe, made of reliable materials, and thought through to the smallest detail, taking all risks into account. The safety of the cable car has been tested over the years and checked by numerous tourists. Thus, the ropes are able to withstand a load of up to 7 tonnes. In practice, the heaviest extreme that managed the descent was a tourist weighing 205 kg.

Zipline in Budva

If you are planning a holiday in Budva and do not want to go far, there is a zipline attraction here too, although not as big as in the Tara Valley. You can take a descent near Budva, in the Krapina complex. A small but very cozy gorge with a waterfall makes it no less impressive than the big ziplines in Montenegro. During the descent, the local restaurant "Rybnyak" will cook fresh trout for you, which is farmed here. The place is conveniently located as it is only half an hour away from the center of Budva.

Ropeway in Lovcen

Another great leisure activity for the whole family is the zipline in Lovcen National Park near the Bay of Kotor, which you will find on the way from Kotor. From a height of 800 meters, a breathtaking view of Kotor and the bay opens up. A flight over the abyss is guaranteed to provide a charge of power and adrenaline six months in advance. The entertainment on offer is aimed at adult tourists, but children can also take part in couple descents.

How to sign up for a zipline in Montenegro

To make a zipline descent, it is better to sign up in advance for a tourist bus tour of the canyon, where ziplining is included in the excursion program. Organized group tours with experienced guides who know the mountain and forest terrain will guarantee the safety of the trip. If needed, the organizers provide everyone directly on site with certificates and permits issued by the Ministry of Tourism of Montenegro. An unforgettable attraction with many impressions and real aesthetic pleasure through the open wildlife.