Diving in Montenegro


Diving in Montenegro is especially popular among tourists - it is a kind of active rest that will appeal not only to those who like to experience vivid emotions and move a lot during the trip but also to supporters of calm and balanced rest.

Montenegrin Diving is characterized by the following features:

Diving does not require diving experience, since the water area here is absolutely safe and easy for all tourists. Under the supervision of a specialist, this process brings only positive emotions.

The incredible beauty of the surrounding underwater world that you will see right after the dive. Corals and reefs, a variety of underwater inhabitants, unusual archaeological finds on the bottom carefully preserved here - this and much more are accessible to everyone.

Opportunity to visit caves and underwater caves, as well as see unusual sea plants.

Of particular interest are the archaeological finds, some of which are considered local. But most tourists are attracted by the fact that here you can navigate a large part of the seabed and find something new every time.

The variety of archaeological monuments is mainly due to the fact that the Adriatic Sea bordering Montenegro has long been attacked, and various battles and wars took place here.

Diving Varieties

Diving in Montenegro is also different. Therefore, many tourists change direction and conquer new water horizons. Therefore, the following programs are usually offered:

The focus is on visiting underwater caves and grottos. Newcomers to this dive format are intimidated by the fact that an urgent ascent may be required in certain situations. However, such situations arise when visiting relatively dangerous and remote caves, deep caves with complex terrain. These places are incredibly beautiful, there are a lot of them, but it is better not to forget about the importance of the instructor's services. In addition, in Montenegro, there are many underwater caves that are very different from each other, so this direction will never be boring.

Wreck diving is underwater diving that takes place in places where military aircraft, ships, and other equipment have sunk during wars and various battles. Aimed at beginners and history buffs, these programs are simple and short, and most importantly, totally safe and relaxing, especially under the supervision of a teacher.

Deep Sea Diving Programs Within this program, the study of steep underwater reefs, walls, and caves will be important. At great depths, they are distinguished by their beauty and uniqueness, but without a diving instructor, even experienced amateurs should not dive alone.

Night diving in Montenegro is especially popular because the underwater depths here are incredibly beautiful. Of course, such a program is not suitable for beginners, but for those who have been underwater several times.

Exploration of steep reefs and shallow reefs - for first-time divers. Such schemes are based on the fact that a person moves with the flow of water, which greatly simplifies the process for any beginner.

Particularly suitable for children and women with little self-confidence and a lack of physical abilities.

The diving season lasts from April to November, so almost every vacationer can get acquainted with the underwater world, which is as beautiful and unusual as the Montenegrin nature has created.