Activities - Active holiday in Montenegro

Wild canyoning in Nevidio

Wild canyoning in Nevidio

Canyoning or canyoneering is an active and rather extreme type of sport and recreation that consists of walking through gorges and overcoming various obstacles such as waterfalls, cascades, natural pools, etc.

Parasailing - Flight on a parachute behind a boat

Parasailing - Flight on a parachute behind a boat

Recreation in Montenegro on the Adriatic Sea is not only gentle sunshine, warm sea, and cozy beach.

Boat trip in Montenegro

Boat trip

Montenegro attracts visitors with its location, climate, and beauty of its coastline, so boat trips in Montenegro are in high demand.

Rafting in Montenegro

Extreme outdoor activities on the river Tara

Extreme sports are mainly related to nature, and it is very difficult to decide which sports are actually extreme.

Paragliding in Montenegro

Paragliding - Flying is not a dream, but a reality!

At all times man thought of free soaring in the sky like a bird. Fortunately, with the invention of the paraglider, everyone now has the opportunity to experience the magical feeling of flying.

Zipline in Montenegro


Zip-lining is another type of extreme activity in Montenegro that will diversify your holiday in this beautiful country with enchanting natural views.

Hiking in Montenegro

Hiking in Durmitor national park

Durmitor is the most beautiful mountain in Montenegro, where tectonic activity and erosion, river and glacier, created a mountainous world of magnificent, which is a good place for hiking in a day to see.

Mountain walking in Montenegro

Mountain walking

Paddleboarding in Montenegro


SUP - surfing (standup paddleboarding) is a locomotion on the surface of the water using a paddle board.

Kayaking at Montenegrin coast


Kayaking has become a popular sporting activity where you move around on a special enclosed boat with a paddle with two blades.

Swimming in Montenegro


Diving in Montenegro


Diving in Montenegro is especially popular among tourists - it is a kind of active rest that will appeal not only to those who like to experience vivid emotions and move a lot during the trip but also to supporters of calm and balanced rest.

Excursions in Montenegro